Monday, September 13, 2010

Choose a Moderate Republican versus an Incomptent Firebrand

Today, residents in the state of Delaware will choose their respective candidates for the open Senate seat, originally vacated by Vice President Joe Biden and filled in the interim by his former chief of state.

Mike Castle, the Republican at-large congressman for the state of Delaware, is running for the U. S. Senate in a state where registered Democrats outnumber Republican almost two to one. However, he is polling ten points ahead of Chris Coons, the one Democrat running for the Senate seat.

However, Castle faces a fierce challenge from the right in the person of Christine O'Donnell, a Republican with far more commanding conservative credentials, yet who based on recent polls has no chance of defeating Coons in the November general election.

The choice for Republican nominee is a challenging one. Either choose a moderate who half the time votes in support of Democratic causes, or select an ideologically pure candidate who will practically give the open seat to the Democrats.

Despite his lackluster credentials, Castle is not an abysmal option. He has a voting record which makes his future participation in the Senate less of a mystery. He voted against Obamacare. He voted against the wasteful "Stimulus" which failed to create jobs. On a number of significant issues, Mike Castle measures up as a Republican.

Christine O'Donnell, however, has an extensive truth and organization problem. Mired in campaign debt, unable to account for which counties she "won" when she ran again Joe Biden in 2008, having engaged in a frivolous sexual harrassment lawsuit against a Delaware think tank, and unable to demonstate any meaningful voting record, O'Donnell is simply an unacceptable choice for Senator.

It may be a clothespin vote, but Mike Castle is the best candidate for the open Senate seat in Delware. Republicans in Delaware should cast their vote for a reliable winner and moderate conservative as opposed to a dishonest firebrand who has no chance of winning.

Vote for Mike Castle September 14!

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