Saturday, August 17, 2013

San Diego Wins Again on Pension Reforms

San Diego wins again on pension reform once again.

I think any San Diego legislator, who made politics more important than his constituents, like state senator Ben Heuso (D-San Diego), has demonstrated beyond any doubt that he does not deserve to represent anyone in public office every again. Let’s hope that every San Diegan remembers that as an Assemblyman, he tried to force his own constituents to opt into a retirement system which would have left them with less pay for their time.

Politicians like Hueso heed special interests, not the public interest. Votes must stop reading the campaign flyers and pay attention to the tax dollars flying out of city coffers to pay off public sector unions. Detroit has gone bankrupt because of these overgenerous entitlements, and the entire state of Rhode Island may be joining “Motown” if their pension reforms do not work out.

From Rhode Island to California, municipalities are rising up against the generous promises of former politicians which threaten present and future residents. Accumulating public debt for the next generation to pay off is immoral in itself, President Thomas Jefferson declared. Yet city leaders insist on caving into vocal collective bargaining units for fear of losing the next election. They think about their political careers and their private legacy ahead of the better interests of their cities. Such pandering is just reprehensible.

Congratulations once again to San Diego residents for standing up to public sector unions and demanding that they pay “their fair share”, too.

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