Thursday, June 13, 2013

God, Climate, and Sheldon Whitehouse

US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse won reelection by 70% in Rhode Island, even though his state is in the poor house, with 17% on food stamps, with teen pregnancy on the rise, with the city of Providence looking less providential every day. 111 Westminster has lost its last tenant, and the Superman Building is still looking for a Superman to save the building, the city, and the state. Roger Williams has a statue to his memory, but his life and legacy have become a distant memory for current citizens, many of whom lament the lack of jobs and commerce, yet elect the same political machine politicians who serve the unions, not the state, who enable dependence, not prosperity.

For all intensive purposes, God has no place in Rhode Island anymore, and for that reason, people are looking to the state for the answers, for the support, for the way out of the mess.

Following his easy reelection, Whitehouse joined forces with liberal progressive Henry Waxman (D-California) to form the "climate change caucus". He wants to protect Rhode Islanders, and the rest of the country, from the dangers posed by greenhouse gases, which are threatening the earth, melting the polar ice caps, creating heinous and unprecedented weather patterns, and thus should be blamed for all the ills afflicting Rhode Island and the rest of the United States. Whitehouse's new agenda is fighting "climate change", although in decades past, the problems facing the earth because of environmental concerns were initially termed "ozone depletion", then "global warming." Indeed, the world has been getting more heated the past few years, but climatologists have also posited that an expansive cooling stage had covered the earth in the 1800's, and previous dire threats of overpopulate and nutrition depletion have fallen away as empty rhetoric.

Someone needs to put Whitehouse in the "Out House" for his push to curb climate change will do nothing to stop the economic malaise or the political miasma which is sinking his state, and all other Democratic states, into fiscal insolvency and stagnation.

"Climate Change" is predominantly a Democratic cause, and Republicans in the House have dismissed any concerns about environmental catastrophes. Most legislators refer to the Bible, in which they purpose that the Creator has more control over His Creation than any concerning senator or House Rep can undo. On the floor of the US Senate, Whitehouse rebuked the "easy-believism" of Republicans who quoted the Scriptures, and he ridiculed their claims that the earth is not going anywhere, that environmental concerns are not going to harm us as greatly as environmental alarmists claim.

Whitehouse rebutted with the following: "God is not going to save us from climate change."

Like Ed Markey (D-Malden, Massachusetts, or Chevy Chase, Maryland) and Henry Waxman (D-Los Angeles, California), Senator Whitehouse is concerned more about the "climate cliff" which threatens to endanger not just our country, but the entire world. Back to Senator Whitehouse. So, he thinks that God is not going to protect us from climate change. . .Then who does he think he is proposing that the federal government, or any human agency, can do something about the climate?! When will Senator Whitehouse stop raving about the "Greenhouse" and do something about the "Poorhouse" which has become Rhode Island and Providence Plantations?

Of course, the folly of progressivism, as evidenced clearly in Whitehouse, Waxman and Markey has tried to control the climate before. Waxman-Markey tired to push a federal "Cap and Trade" Bill in 2009, which would have taxed future carbon emissions. From liberal activist Annie Leonard to conservative columnist George Will, Cap and Trade has been debunked as a Wall Street Ponzi scheme, a "carbon credit" market which would benefit the few at the expense of the rest. Fuel prices soared, along with pollution when Europeans states enacted Cap and Trade. The whole scam enriched the rich while impoverishing the poor all the more. Even voters in liberal Massachusetts have disdained the notion that the government should be regulating who can emit how much carbon. People breathe out CO2 as part of respiration. Does Senator Whitehouse and his climate change comrades want to tax every American for breathing? Then again, such a notion may be too good to pass up for a progressive. Besides, Waxman and Markey have voted against tax cuts for middle and working class voters before. Of course they would support a tax on carbon emissions; of course they would support any policy that would bankrupt small businesses and drive large corporations out of the country.

Senator Whitehouse's state is in the poor house, with potholes abounding, businesses fleeing, schools failing, and residents barely surviving. Not the green in nature, but the lack of green in citizens' wallets deserves his attention. Perhaps he should starting praying to God instead of marginalizing Him. Senator Whitehouse claims that "God cannot stop climate change"? What business does he have representing a state whose capital is "Providence", whose motto is "Hope", and whose founder was an Evangelical Christian who recognized the supremacy of God, Christ, and The Divine Order over all things?

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