Thursday, March 31, 2011

Israel a Reliable Boogie Man No Longer

The Middle East is embroiled in Revolution. From negligible states like Tunisia to the Heart of the Middle East, Egypt, to the Pinnacle of autarchy, Syria, the crowds are descending upon their once unassailable rulers/captors.

In the past, terrorist tyrannical states could cast Israel as the once-and-for-all source of evil in the Middle East. From Assad to Hamas to Ahmadinejad, Arab strongmen have plastered the Jewish State with invidious calumny, pegging the hopes of oppressed Arabs on the imminent removal of the Jews as their only saving grace.

Yet after all these years, the Jews still prosper. Disaffected dissidents throughout the African and Middle Eastern world flee to Israel, a tiny oasis of freedom in the midst of a sea of tyranny and repression.

Now that Assad faces the fierce opposition to his reign, he has run out of foreign foes on which to excuse Syria's woes. The Alawite regime's inimical slander of the State of Israel will no longer serve as a reliable strawman to distract disaffected dissidents throughout the Middle East from their dictator's cruelty.

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