Wednesday, February 23, 2011

George W. Bush: A Vindication Forbidding Scorning

The broader vision of a more democratic Middle East is bearing fruit, in some cases peaceful, in other instances more violently.

We need to recognize that it was the vision and courage of the previous President George W. Bush who initiated this commitment. He saw the potential for wide-spread reform. He adopted the mind-set that democratic governments could take root in the arid desert.

It was during his Presidency that the world witnessed the Syrian army withdrawing from Lebanon after 15 years of "protection". Because of Bush's hard stance against terrorism, the cruel dictator Saddam Hussein was toppled from power and ultimately executed. Moammar Gadhafi renounced intentions to pursue weapons of mass destruction.

Now witness the populist uprising transforming the Middle East today!

Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, nations all shook up by the uprisings of its people for too long oppressed by burdensome tyrannical governments. Even the previously unassailable regime of Libya is teetering on revolution.

The world is witnessing the vindication of President Bush's expansive foreign policy hopes. In spite of the upsets which have frustrated liberating efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, in spite of the virulent terrorist group Hamas winning majority power in Gaza, the desire for freedom is overshadowing these setbacks. In this troubled region of the world, it is becomes more tenuous for ruthless dictators to suppress their peoples at the expense of the growing communication networks linking activists and protesters all over the world.

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