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The Becerra Town Hall: More Than Shut Down or Disruption--A WIN for We the People

The Xavier Becerra Town Hall was a victory for We the People.

The press want to make it seem like the Trump supporters and pro-enforcement advocates were just a bunch of crazed, uncouth hoodlums. That moniker actually belongs to the California Democratic Party and their perverse acolytes who have taken over every aspect for government in the state of California.

We the People are mad as hell, and we are not going to take it anymore in our beloved Golden State, no matter how tarnished it may be.

What are we angry about?

Our infrastructure is falling apart right from under us.

The government in Sacramento is taxing us into homelessness and spending us into bankruptcy.

Illegal aliens, law breakers, criminals, cheats, and welfare queens are treated with respect, while veterans, working men and women, homeowners and taxpayers are treated like trash.

Have you had enough?

We the People Rising, Los Angeles for Trump, and everyone else who cares about God and Country have had our fill.

The Tea Party movement has not died. It's gained muscle, and is more than a cerebral exercise.

Now, back to  AG Becerra.

Why did he decide to host a town hall?

The newly-appointed California Attorney General Xavier Becerra wanted to make a rare and unprecedented visit to Ontario, CA.


1. Campaign stop.

He is heading in 2018 with the wind at the back of the California Republican Party (hopefully). The turnout will be lower. He has to show that he can campaign.

After all, he represented Downtown Los Angeles for two decades with token opposition. His competitor candidates were more knowledgeable and respectful, but Becerra won every time, all because he had a D after his name on the ballot.

Now he has to compete for statewide office, and even the most entrenched and entitled of incumbents can get a little jittery.

2. He wanted to add more (illegal) voters.

Check out all the handouts available to the guests, i.e. illegal aliens:

Since illegal aliens have so many benefits shoved in their faces, maybe California's law-abiding citizenry should all renounce their citizenship and cash in?

That;s what I asked some of the attended in the audience:

Who's with me?!

But we all agreed on one thing:

We were ready to protest outside, before the event even began.

First, we had to correct some of the welcome signs:

Here are the starting  moments of our arrival:


The rest of the team showed up soon after that:

A reporter from the Latino versio of PBS showed up. I provided him a lengthy statement, from the moral to the economic evils that result from illegal immigration.

There were definitely more of us than there were of the abusive, crazy illegal alien panderers:

As expected, very creepy, misguided, and outright lying radicals showed up, spouting their Brown Pride hate.

But we schooled him!

Here are the questions I wanted to ask, but never got to ask:

It was good to see Darrel and Betty Robinson again, since they have been doing so much in other counties, while I have been very busy primarily in LA County:


At last, we could file into the hall.

One of the staffers from San Bernardino County Board Supervisor Curt Hagman was there. A constituent tried to get answers about how long it would take for President Trump to get the illegal aliens out of the state of California.

Great question!

Of course, there were crazy Becerra supporters, too, but they could not tell me why they like this corrupt, lawless attorney general:

This young lady shared some really disturbing values, like comparing a human life to a chicken!

Yes, she did:

The rest of us were very clear about our intentions at that town hall:

The meeting was supposed to start at 5:40.

It did not get rolling until 6:15.

We were forced to wait for 45 minutes?!

No apology, no explanation. Nothing.

Nice job, Xavier.

He actually lectured us about civility and respect, yet he announces to the entire world that foreigners can break into our country, cross our borders, and take our money--and feel entitled to do so!

He only answers two questions--TWO!

But when Becerra ran off, all hell broke loose!

Here is the key recording I took after Becerra:

Robin and I wanted to follow Becerra out. Don't we deserve to have our questions answered?

Lo and behold, staffers prevented us from entering the hallway.

I saw some other unseemly people in the doorway, including sellout Joseph Lopez of WestCal Academy, the illegal alien front group run by John Paul Tabakian. He was terrified when confronted with the pro-enforcement team that descended on Becerra's town hall.

Joseph Lopez with creepy, corrupt Ricardo Lara
Then a pro-Bernie activist, who may or may not done unseemly things with his own parents, tried to malign and shame us into silence. We put down his hatred.

Last of all, Alejandro Cano of the Fontana Herald stood idly by, and I called him out as vocally as I could. It's time that these corrupt amnesty panderers were exposed and put to open display.

If you are fed up with the lies, call them out with the truth. If you are fed up with your government not honoring their commitments and keeping their oath to the Constitution, then FIRE THEM!

Here's the creepy Bernie activist who knows (and hangs out with) pedophiles:

At least State Senator Connie Levya stayed around to field--or rather duck--questions:

and also

She seemed dazed and confused:

Freddie Rodriguez gave the exact same non-answers.

But before uber-leftist Eloise Reyes spirited him away.

I will end this post with these sage words from The Declaration of Independence:

Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Raise Your Voices, California Voters: Tell De Leon "No on SB 54!"

Sacramento lawmakers are feeling the heat.

And some of them are seeing the light, however much they may recoil.

Check out this email from the leader of the Camarillo Republican Women Federated:

Senator De Leon’s office is still taking calls so we can voice our opposition to SB-54 (the California as a Sanctuary State Bill). Please continue to call. Simple instructions are below. You only need to say you are OPPOSED to SB-54 and they will ask for your City or Zip Code. Even if they ask for the city, I give them the zip code also.
California Senate Bill 54 (SB-54) will turn California into a Sanctuary State, effectively preventing state and local police agencies from using their resources to assist federal authorities with immigration enforcement. The Bill was introduced by California Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon. The Bill has already passed its first committee in January. With a solid majority behind him, SB-54 may head to a full vote in the Senate soon.
CALL TO ACTION: Please call Senator de Leon’s office to voice your OPPOSITION to Senate Bill 54. It is easy…
Call De Leon’s office, 1-916-651-4024.
The call will be answered.
Tell them that you are calling to voice your OPPOSITION to Senate Bill 54. That is all you need to say.
You will be asked for your zip code or city and told that your opposition will be logged.
It’s as easy as that.
If you cannot call today, call as soon as you can. Ask your family and friends to call too. You can call more than once.
CLICK HERE to look up California Legislative Information online. You can enter the Bill Number (in this case, SB-54) and click GO to view details of this Bill, the Votes, Status, etc.
Today’s posted status for SB-54:  Sen 3rd Reading – Sen Bills
Thank you,
Manuela Walter

Do not allow the Democratic in Sacramento to think that they hold the final say on what happened in YOUR state!

Call your state senator and assemblyman NOW to kill SB 54 (and SB 6, which would steal taxpayer dollars to fund legal aid for illegal aliens in the state of California).

Lone Star Rising: Texas MassResistance Fights LGBT Agenda

Our MassResistance Texas Chapter: Dynamic pro-family activism in the Lone Star State!

Fighting battles from local elementary schools to the State Legislature

Taking on the culture war

March 24, 2017
Our MassResistance Texas chapter is firing with both barrels! The group has been in the thick of Texas pro-family battles. Both in local elementary schools and in the Legislature, they have been active in educating people across the country. And now they’re about to make an even bigger splash with a conference on April 1.
Texas MassResistance has its own great website and also a Facebook page. And they have active members across the state.
Below are some of MassResistance Texas’ latest highlights.
(NOTE: We will be posting further reports on several of these topics and issues.)

An inspiring leader of the group

The MassResistance Texas chapter was started and is led by one of the most prominent pro-family people in America, Dr. Robert Oscar Lopez. He is an internationally known writer, scholar, and public speaker, and is a Professor of Humanities at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth.
Dr. Lopez has a unique understanding the LGBT lifestyle and its aggressive agenda.  He is an ex-“gay” and was raised by his mother with the help of her lesbian partner. He was previously a tenured professor at California State University Northridge. But as a result of his pro-family writings and his criticism of the LGBT movement, he was forced to resign after a long period of hostile threats and intimidation against him (and his family) by faculty, students, and even the administration.

In the state legislature

Texas MassResistance is active in the State Capitol!

Corporate America wants him to use women's restrooms.
  • The “Bathroom Privacy Act,” SB6 in the Texas Legislature, is currently the biggest pro-family battle brewing in the state right now. It will likely turn out to be a very heated battle.

    SB6 is similar to the bill passed last year in North Carolina, and is basically common sense. It would not allow cities and towns to pass laws that force the destructive and unnatural “transgender” agenda into restrooms, locker rooms, showers of public accommodations, schools, businesses, etc. Also, it applies to government buildings, all public schools and universities, and any other school that receives state funding. It doesn’t apply to publicly owned buildings that are leased to private entities, such as sports stadiums. (Any business or private group, of course, can do what it wants.

    The LGBT lobby and its allies in corporate America -- who are intent with forcing this radical agenda across America -- have already been fighting against the bill.

    MassResistance Texas has already been lobbying hard in the State Capitol on this, and educating pro-family citizens.

    On March 7 there was a public hearing on SB6 in the Texas Senate. MassResistance Texas was there and testified. The bill passed the committee 8-1, and on March 14 it passed the full Senate. It now goes to the House. Unfortunately, the House Speaker has disturbing ties to local big business and had been threatening to block it, though he seems to have softened on that. Texas MassResistance has plans to work hard in local districts as well as in the Capitol.
  • Supporting Bill SB3 – Education savings accounts: On March 21, MassResistance Texas testified at a public hearing for Bill SB3, which would allow education savings accounts, which would allow parents to pay for private schools with tax-free money. We told the committee this was needed to allow parents to escape the LGBT “Welcoming Schools” agenda in the public elementary schools.
  • Stopping Bill HB 1663 – Procedures for same-sex “marriages”: MassResistance Texas is also fighting Bill HB 1663, which would codify the procedures for same-sex “marriages” in Texas. The Texas Constitution still affirms: “Marriage in this state shall consist only of the union of one man and one woman” per a 2005 vote by the Texas electorate.

Confronting the LGBT “Welcoming Schools” agenda in elementary schools!

MassResistance Texas has exposed the aggressive homosexual and transgender elementary school curriculum that is now being taught in many Texas schools. It is very frightening, and far beyond what most parents have ever imagined. Titled the “Welcoming Schools” curriculum, it was created and is being pushed into elementary schools by the national LGBT organization “Human Rights Campaign.” Some people have called this curriculum “demonic” and we would tend to agree.
A big part of this push involves training teachers how to intimidate conservative teachers into going along with it and how to subvert and confuse parents who find out about it and raise objections.

A MassResistance TX activist testifys at the Legislature for SB6.
Corporations vs families: MassResistance is also helping our Texas chapter expose how many of the same corporations that are fighting SB6 are also funding the radical “Welcoming Schools” curriculum -- through their lavish corporate financial support of “Human Rights Campaign.” Corporations are “proud” of funding the LGBT agenda, and even brag about it. Most Texans (and most Americans) are unaware the extent of how anti-family and anti-child these corporations are. 

Helping fight local battles

Texas MassResistance is in the trenches locally!
  • In February, MassResistance Texas helped parents in the Austin school district to persuade an elementary school principal to toss out the “Welcoming Schools” curriculum. Our group invited the parents to an informational meeting and showed them what was really happening, and what they can do about it!
  • An elementary school in the nearby town of Dripping Springs decided to allow a third grade “transgender” boy to use the girls restroom – without notifying any parents! The parents came to Texas MassResistance for help. Parents are coming to our conference (see below) for information on what they can do.
  • Local MassResistance Texas activists have also been doing personal visits to churches, speaking with pastors, sending them materials, and participating in radio call-in shows.

BIG conference coming up April 1

On April 1, MassResistance Texas is holding a major pro-family training in Austin, which will include speakers from across the country. Titled, “Stand for the Sanctity and Health of the Family: Action and Education Meeting”, it will be held at the Oak Meadow Baptist Church in Austin.
If you are anywhere near this part of Texas on April 1, this is the place to be! A panel of experts and activists will arm citizens with tools to fight back on several fronts, including: LGBT school curriculum targeting young children; transgender policies in schools (including transgender bathroom access); and efforts to make Texans believe that the “gay marriage” issue is lost for good.
People will come out of this conference armed with the tools, information, and materials to take on the issues in the Legislature, schools, and the culture.

Taking on the culture war with a broad brush

MassResistance Texas and Dr. Lopez are takiing on the culture war in all directions.
  • To help people understand the various aspects of the culture war, Dr. Lopez has conducted interviews with fascinating experts in various fields, which you can listen to at his podcast page, CogWatch.
  • Dr. Lopez also brings the practical insights and lessons learned from a unique conference he helped organize in London on November 11-12, 2016, titled "The New Normal." See the videos from that conference here. (Many of the participants in that conference are now helping to launch a MassResistance United Kingdom chapter.)
  • This month, Dr. Lopez has also been taking to conservative media to inform people of the work of Texas MassResistance and the upcoming conference. Two of his recent national radio appearances worth hearing are:

            The Sandy Rios Show – American Family Radio – March 15

            The Janet Mefford Show – March 13

These guys rock!

We will be reporting a lot on the exciting work of Texas MassResistance and their April 1 conference in upcoming posts.

California (and America)--Wake Up: No Sanctuary States!

The rule of law should be a no-brainer: cities are for citizens. The very concept of “politics” is based on the word “polis”, and that means “citizen”. “We the People” in the U.S. Constitution refers to citizens, men and women who recognize their rights, which come from God.

What’s one way to take power away from “We the People”? Erode the meaning and privilege of citizenship. And that’s what California’s Democratic Party is doing.  Just when I thought that the Democrats in California (and apparently Colorado, too) had already gone too far, now they add another layer to the rampant perversity.

Kevin De Leon, anchor baby turned State Senate President (whose family members are illegals, relying on fraudulent documents to “survive”) is going to steal every resource from California taxpayers to fund his illegal alien paradise. Who says illegals are discriminated against? They are running the government of California … into the ground! Two pieces of legislation are on the horizon. If you’re not careful, they could be coming to a state near you.

Senate Bill 6 will transfer tax dollars to provide legal counsel to illegal aliens facing contentious court hearings as they await deportation. Check this out: we have spiking crime rates throughout the state of California. Even in my nice and calm South Bay home, property crimes are rising, especially property crime. Sandra Duran was just killed in a hit and run in the North Hills section of Los Angeles by an illegal alien.

Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime, and a sanctuary state will not guarantee safety for anyone.  Except, of course, the politicians who want to score points with La Raza, LULAC, and other Hispandering special interest groups who will keep their Brown Power puppets in power for as long as possible. This is the essence of corruption: a set of laws for one group of people, and a set of laws for everyone else. This is beyond shameful. This is beyond intolerable.

And once again, immigration remains an untouchable third rail in California. Deal with it, Republicans and Democrats alike. Stand up for the rule of law, dammit! Governor Pete Wilson was right to champion Prop 187 in 1994. I wish he had continued to champion that initiative. Even then, California was not a Lily Wasp-like state. That means men and women of every color are all Americans and they just want what’s best for their kids and their future.

Guess what? 70% of Californians oppose sanctuary cities, and that includes 60% of Democrats! Even the registered Democratic voters—in California, mind you—are waking up to how their own party is leaving them behind.

One would think that the growing list of dead Californians would finally wake up the voters to the dangers implicit in sanctuary cities. One life killed by an illegal alien is one too many, but here are 8 lives lost forever:

  • 1.     Kate Steinle
  • 2.     Drew Rosenberg
  • 3.     Ruben Morfin
  • 4.     Jamiel Shaw Jr.
  • 5.     Dominic Durden
  • 6.     Marilyn Pharis
  • 7.     Tierra Stansberry
  • 8.     DeAndre Mitchell

  • California was a not a sanctuary for these individuals.

    Statistics have outlined that at least 25 people a DAY are killed by illegal aliens in this country.
    California Democrats want to turn the Golden State into a Sanctuary state? How about deporting illegal aliens and putting Americans first? Here’s another great idea: let law enforcement enforce our laws.

    Yes, I know this bid for sanity is a bit complicated for liberals, but the basic tenet of any government is this: protect our rights. And the California Democratic supermajority is not on board with even this, but rather protecting the privileges of a well-connected minority of elitists and La Raza activists.
    There is hope, however. The Democrats cannot lose one vote in the state senate to maintain their very slim supermajority. Three years ago, four state senators were arrested, convicted, and/or sentenced for various felonies (voter fraud, gun-running, whatever). Some current Democrat members are feeling the heat like they never have before. I already visited my state assemblyman (a Democrat who had voted against the misguided California (Mis)Trust Act of 2013).

    But bigger guns, literally and figuratively, have raised their voices against SB 54’s collective immorality. In spite of a long list of proponents for this awful bill, two key organizations have not compromised, but are fully opposed:

    •        California Peace Officers’ Association
    •        California State Sheriffs’ Association
    The opposition from these two groups was enough to stave off emergency passage.

    Four Southern California county sheriffs oppose SB 54, including the somewhat squishy Jim McDonnell of Los Angeles. Why do I target the former police chief of Long Beach? Yes, he’s my sheriff. More importantly, though, not even two months ago, he was on record supporting the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors’ decision to provide legal aid to the county’s illegal alien population, and McDonnell affirmed he had no intention in going after illegals living in LA solely because of their immigration status.

    But now he opposes the entire state taking on LA County’s proposals. What gives? In his view, preventing communication of any kind between ICE officials and state law enforcement would lead to ICE officials sweeping through neighborhoods and arrest more illegals, not just the violent ones in LA County jails.

    Anti-McDonnell Hate
    from La Raza Haters

    Unbelievable! I would like to believe that McDonnell really does care about enforcing our immigration laws, and simply does not want the rising spike of various crimes against Angelenos. Unlike LAPD Chief of Police Charlie Beck (who stands with the illegals, rather than the legal residents) McDonnell is elected by the people in the county.  More deaths like Sandra Duran’s might have cut his re-election chances in half.

    No American should allow this. Sanctuary cities are dangerous, racist, and outright wrong. I have written before that California was already a “sanctuary state”. SB 54 will make that designation seriously official, cutting off all communication between state and federal law enforcement regarding illegal aliens in California.

    Thursday, March 23, 2017

    Easy Reader FAIL! Redondo Beach Has to Revote CCA

    I have long suspected that Easy Reader News was more left-leaning than The Beach Reporter or even the Daily Breeze.

    Once, the magazine displayed an elderly gay couple on the cover.

    A number of families were really offended by that.

    Another article focused on the plight of a wounded veteran who lost his home because of mismanagement from Wells Fargo.

    A third story looked into the troubled background of a few store thieves who had wreaked havoc on a convenience store. It's a very left-wing world view that puts the needs of the criminal ahead of the needs of the community.

    When the Hermosa Beach residents rose up to protest the Carbon Neutrality programs, Easy Reader maligned them as "riotous."

    No, they weren't! That's very offensive.

    Now I feel that my concerns are justified with what just happened in their report on the Redondo Beach City Council meeting from March 21, 2017.

    That meeting was Mayor Steve Aspel's last full meeting.

    I am sad to see him go.

    I am even more sad at the notion that creepy Big Greenie Meanie Joe Galliani was going to bully another city council into going Community Choice Aggregation (CCA).

    But our team of conservatives was ready to step up and fight.

    Big Green Fascist Joe Galliani

    At the end of the meeting, the city council posited a number of meaningful questions to Galliani and the city staffers. The commonsense questions focused on issues like "How much time will this take from city staff?" and "How much is this going to cost?"

    Then came the final vote on whether to continue exploration of CCA.

    Laura Emdee: No
    Steve Sammarco: Abstain
    Bill Brand: Yes
    Christian Horvath: Yes

    Now, as I understand Robert's Rules of Order, that means two "No" votes, since an abstention means no.

    The mayor signaled that he had no idea what happens next, since such a voter result had never happened before.

    The city manager declared that the motion failed.


    But now the City Attorney claims that such a vote means passage?

    I contacted someone in the city to explain. She told me that the city council will revote the issue, since there is so much confusion.

    The Beach Reporter got that right.

    But not Easy Reader!

    They jumped into the narrative head-first, convinced that the Green proposal won!

    From Easy Reader:

    When time came for a vote and direction, Councilman Christian Horvath, who has been leading the charge for a CCA in Redondo Beach, was joined by Councilman Bill Brand in voting to continue a study. Emdee voted against, while Sammarco quietly abstained.

    As Councilwoman Martha Barbee left the meeting early with an illness, the vote initially seemed dead for want of a three-vote quorum.

    However, according to Horvath, an assertion by City Manager Joe Hoefgen that the measure had died was found to be incorrect.

    Sammarco did not respond to a request for comment.

    Why does Christian Horvath have the final say on this? What about the city attorney? Or other city staffers?

    This report went out in a very hasty fashion to say the least.

    Check out the difference between the URL and the headline for the article:

    Notice that the URL says "Split Vote Sinks" study:

    But then the printed headline reads:

    What is going on?

    Easy Reader News is showing its left-leaning bias once again, pushing the Big Green agenda.

    It's time to hold the local news as well as local elected officials accountable.

    Until then, the Redondo Beach City Council must stage a re-vote on this contentious issue.

    It's time for residents throughout the South Bay to recognize that the CCA nonsense is more government, less energy, and less accountability. President Donald Trump is already cutting the funding for these Joint Power Associations, which include Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) and South Bay Council of Governments (SBCOG).

    Do we need another one based on false premises and abortive opportunities in the South Bay? I say "NO!"

    And Easy Reader News needs to print more objective reporting.

    Wednesday, March 22, 2017

    LA for Trump: Protest Against Sanctuary Cities in Downtown Los Angeles

    During the St. Patrick's Day Party in Long Beach, members of LA for Trump wanted to ...


    Outreach and opportunity make all the difference. It's nice to go to parties. It's nice to meet with fellow Trump supporters and celebrate his victories.

    But there is a big blue sea of lost political souls out there in Los Angeles County, and nothing is going to change staying in our safe spaces and meeting with fellow conservatives.

    So, with so many Trump supporters in one place, what was going to stop us from rallying against sanctuary cities?


    Within one hour, LA for Trump was rally on the Spring Street side of LA City Hall:


    March 18 in the evening worked out to be the perfect timing. There were no scheduled protests. Instead of hordes of hatemongers, a few passersby spoke to us. 

    Most of them were surprised to see Trump supporters stumping for the President ...

    and against sanctuary cities.

    Within minutes, LA for Trump received this incredible reception:

    This woman did not hold back her disdain for illegal immigration:

    And while this woman was emphatic about every immigrant entering this country LEGALLY, another young man walked across the street.

    His name is Justin, and he admired our courage for standing out there.

    He ended up joining us for the rest of the rally!

    He's only 16 years old!

    Already, we have more reason to hope for the future!

    A few more minutes passed by, and two black ladies approached us to talk!

    They were willing to listen to us, but they thought that Trump was more of an actor than a real leader:

    This is what we are all about.

    LA for Trump is reaching out and turning blue hearts red.

    Then we headed for the corner of First and Spring Street so that more people driving or walking by could see us:

    Here's some shots of the LA for Trump team:

    Yes, there were haters, but we just shake them off:

    Then this group of very rude, natty girls wanted to "Talk to us", and they spent more time mocking other people rather than listening.

    One of the ladies was visiting from Singapore, and they acted as though they had all the answers on immigration, and we were backward bigots.

    Reminder, the woman in the blue dress had flipped us off ...

    We won't stop stumping for Trump!

    After we were attacked by a bunch of thug skateboards, LA for Trump continued to speak the truth about Trump, trade, and his immigration policies.

    One family witnessed what happened to us. They were willing to listen, and we corrected a major mistake that many people keep repeating:

    Donald Trump is not going to deport immigrants--if they are in the country legally!

    More people came to speak to us:

     A couple of racist activists got in our face and tried to silence our support for Trump.

    But we pushed back:

    These two ladies kicked butt!

    This guy was completely confused! He kept playing this "white privilege" card.

    It was weird:

    (This video showed up on Vidmax, too!)

    So much happened, that I will focus on those events in separate blog posts, including what LA for Trump did about the thugs who attacked us.

    Check out our final moments on First and Spring Street below: